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Welcome to St. Louis ArtWorks – where area youth turn artistic dreams into practical reality through our innovative job training and arts education program. Working in teams with professional artists, teens expand their artistic talents, gain job and communication skills and work together to create art for clients and communities.

Image: St. Louis ArtWorks Documentary

We are proud of our apprentices for producing two documentary films!

To view either of our previous documentaries please visit:

a.   The FishWrapper

b.   The Ville on Whose Shoulders We Stand


Image: Awards

2014 - Priscilla Block, Lifetime Achievement Award 

2013 - Missouri Arts Council - Missouri Arts Award - "Arts Education"

2009 - FOCUS St. Louis' "What's Right with the Region"

2008 - St. Louis' All-America City Regional Award with the Regional Commerce and Growth Association (RCGA)

2006 - Winner in the first YouthBridge Social Enterprise & Innovation Competition

Hope in the City: Deaconess Foundation Mural

We are proud to have worked with the Deaconess Foundation and Rev. Starsky to celebrate their 125 year anniversary.  Apprentices from our Summer 2014 Program painted the mural.   Please visit 2828 Caroline Street, St. Louis MO to view it! 


Thank you for a great summer!

Celebrating 125 Years: The Deaconess Foundation Mural
Apprentices in the mural discipline will create a mural illustrating the history of the Deaconess Foundation as well as its positive, community-centered goals. The mural will thematically depict the Foundation’s history and spirit.
Commissioning Client: The Deaconess Foundation  
Teaching Organization: ArtWorks
Teaching Artists:  Hannah Montford and Kelsey Wiskirchen
On Whose Shoulders We Stand: A mural depicting the rich history of the Ville.  
Apprentices in the mural discipline will create a mural illustrating the history of the historic Ville Neighborhood as well as its regional impact. The mural will depict the neighborhood's history and resilient spirit.
Commissioning Client: Neighborhood Lift: Wells Fargo
Teaching Organization:  The St. Louis Art Museum
Teaching Artists: William Burton and Robert Ketchens
Boomerang Press
Apprentice in the printmaking group will design and create community greeting cards for the Old North St. Louis Restoration group working with Firecracker Press. 
Commissioning Client: Old North St. Louis Restoration Group underwritten by Equifax 
Teaching Organization: St. Louis ArtWorks
Teaching Artists: Byron Rogers and Kamille Litton

Anti-Bullying Advocacy Project
Apprentices will participate in a series of anti-bullying workshops and partake in art-making activities and lessons with master artists.  They will design and create anti-bullying posters for distribution, online content, and create original t-shirts with anti-bullying messages.
Commissioning Client: The Joseph H. and Florence A. Roblee Foundation 
Teaching Organization: St. Louis ArtWorks
Teaching Artists: Byron Rogers and Kamille Litton

On Whose Shoulders We Stand: An Opera
Artists and apprentices will design, create, and perform an opera based on the history of the Ville Neighborhood in St. Louis.
Commissioning Client: Incarnate Word Foundation
Teaching Organization: Opera Theater of St. Louis
Teaching Artists: Mark Clark
BloomWorks: Recycled Sculptural Bike Racks, Furniture and Garden Art
Apprentices working in this discipline will design and construct bicycle racks for locations in St. Louis. The bike racks, called BoomerRacks, will be made of reused bike parts and will promote healthy and green lifestyles through both biking and the reuse of discarded materials. Apprentices will also make additional products for sale, creatively using recycled bike parts to make functional items such as clocks, coat racks, chandeliers, bar stools, key chains, and jewelry, as well as decorative tire weaving and wall pieces. Support provided by William A. Kerr Foundation. 
Teaching Organization: Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Teaching Artists: Deborah Wheeler and Jacob Francois 
The Ville Mural Dedication

We are proud to have dedicated the Ville: On Whose Shoulders We Stand Mural on Monday August 18.  You can view the mural at the Bee Sweet Orchard at the corner of Sarah and Evans.  We thank Wells Fargo for making this mural possible!  

August E-Newsletter

Read the latest ArtWorks News.  To Read: Click Here

St. Louis Public Radio Feature!

We are excited to be featured on St. Louis Public Radio!  To see the article click here. 

St. Louis Children's Fund Discovery Initiative

We are excited to announce that ArtWorks was selected to be a part of the St. Louis Children's Service Fund Discovery Initiative!  This grant will help review the impact of our programs with kids and families to reduce future mental health and behavioral issues.


Priscilla Block Honored with Life Time Achievement Award We would like to congratulate, Priscilla Block, our Executive Director, for being selected to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the College of Fine Arts and Communication (CoFAC) Policy Committee at UMSL.  
Thank You UrbanLIFT NeighborWorks-Wells Fargo for a $50,000 Grant!

ArtWorks is excited to announce it has been selected to receive $50,000 in grant funding from Wells Fargo in the UrbanLIFT Community Grant Program-NeighborWorks!   These valuable funds will be used to create a community mural in the histroric Ville Neighborhood.  The community mural will be created by 18 teen apprentices during the summer of 2014.

ArtWorks Apprentice Testimonial!

After receiving a fiscal literacy workshop from Community Partners, Wells Fargo Advisors, an apprentices had this to say: 

“I learned beneficial skills that I can use in future work settings such as public speaking and responsibility. Artworks helped me to be better with my budgeting and to start early when it comes to preparing yourself for future paying jobs. I have gained useful job skills and self confidence. I feel that I can apply for any job and get hired because of what I learned at Artworks.”

-Summer 2013 Apprentice

ArtWorks Featured on KETC Channel 9!

Check out ArtWorks in the News! 

Teaching Artist Testimonial

Working with St. Louis Artworks last summer was a fantastic experience in every way. It gave me an opportunity to work with teenagers in a non-teacher role. I was still able to do what I am passionate about, sharing my love of art with young people, but in a different setting than the classroom. Being with the apprentices every day for six weeks leads to powerful relationships that affect them in every aspect of their lives. It is so rewarding to know that they are well prepared to pursue any career after completing the Artworks program.

- Kami Litton, ArtWorks Teaching Artist

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